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Package Includes professional training on the Judo Math Curriculum. Completion of this 2 hour one-on-one training session (via online or in person) is a requirement of this program. The complete Judo Math kit and access to the Judo Math Dojo (Online Training Area) will be awarded at the end of your initial training.

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Total Cost: $495
includes Judo Math Teacher Training
+ Complete Kit + Access to Judo Math Dojo

The Judo Math Complete kit provides:

  • Includes full year’s Algebra Curriculum
  • Discipline Poster
  • Progress Tracker
  • Wrist Bands for class of 40 (includes white, yellow, orange, blue, black and green)
  • Red Sensei belt for teacher
  • Judo Math Head band
  • Teacher’s Manual
  • Belt Tests
  • Final Unit Assessment
  • Ten different version of each belt test
  • Includes unlimited access to the the Judo Math Dojo, an Online Training area (Includes downloadable training videos, Judo Math founder’s training blog, access to course updates, message boards, networking with other Judo Math teachers)

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