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There are three primary disciplines of the Judo Math Teaching program.

1. Fundamentals

a. Fractionology
A deep conceptual understanding of the manipulation of fractions

b. Ratios

A comparison of proportions and scale

c. Percent Reasoning

Percent increase, decrease, simple and compound interest

d. Combining

Order of operations, combining like terms, integers

Geometry – Lines, angles and complex areas, Fibonnaci sequence, triangular numbers.

2. Problem solving

a. Modeling equations
Solving multi-step equations, translating

b. Modeling inequalities

Solving and graphing inequalities on a number line, compound inequalities

c. Manipulating variables

Converting formulas, showing equations in terms of a variable

d. Applications
Payment plans, distance/rate/time, money, work problems.

Trigonometry – sine/cosine/tangent, law of sines, law of cosines.

3. Graphing

a. The Basics
Slope, Cartesian coordinate system orientation

b. Linear graphing

Graphing equations and inequalities

c. Linear writing

Writing equations and inequalities of lines

d. Solving Systems

Solving and graphing systems of linear equations and inequalities.

Quadratics- graphing and writing quadratic equations, factoring, rational expressions

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